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Saturday, May 6, 2023

Popular Web hosting control panel

1 Plesk
2 Control Web Panel (CWP)
3 ISPConfig
4 Virtualmin
5 ispmanager
6 Vesta Control Panel
7 DirectAdmin
8 Ajenti
9 Sentora
10 BlueOnyx
11 cPanel
12 Froxlor
13 Easy Hosting Control Panel
14 Webmin
15 ApisCP
16 aaPanel
17 Zesle Control Panel
18 CyberPanel

Saturday, May 14, 2022

How to add file manager in VestaCP

The Vesta CP is a commonly used web hosting control panel in Linux OS. There is no file manager is there by default in Vesta CP. Here is a simple trick to enable the file manager on the panel.

1. Log in as root to a Vesta installed server via terminal.

2. Open the configuration file using any text editor:
vi /usr/local/vesta/conf/vesta.conf

3. Add the following line at the end of that configuration file:

4. Save and exit the file.

Try to log out and re-login to Vesta panel and you will be able to see the file manager option now.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

How to install VestaCP

# Connect to your server as root via SSH

ssh root@your.server

# Download installation script

curl -O

# Run it

How to merge a branch to main branch in Github.

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