Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Steps to configure after PowerMTA Installation


1. Setup PMTA

2. Install Open SSL & Make Certchain with key & cert

3. Create Selector,Generate DKIM public & Private keys 

4. Create CNAME with selector and point to TXT record having public key values

5. Create .pem file in specified directory and add corresponding DKIM private key(s)

6. Setup Master and Subordinate SPF

7. Set PTR & corresponding hostname for IPs

8. Set DMARC, BIMI , MTA STS record

9. Create & setup Domain config file

10. Create & setup PMTA config file 

11. Start PMTA, Test Deliverability

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Fix the Windows and Outlook “Indexing Is Paused” Error

Method-1: Registry Tweak



2. Press “Windows Search” on the left, then double-click “PreventIndexingOutlook” on the right.

3. If you don’t have “Windows Search,” you can create it by right-clicking “Windows -> Edit -> New -> Key.” Name it accordingly, then create the “PreventIndexingOutlook” value by right-clicking an empty space on the menu on the right and selecting “New -> DWORD Value (32- bit).”

4. Once created, double-click it to adjust the “Base” to “Hexadecimal” and change “Value data” to “1,” then click “OK.”

5. Reboot Computer

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Dovecot: Disconnected, connection closed, auth failed

 From webmin dashboard>Servers>Postfix Mail Server> Virtual Domains> Find specific user maping 

Popular Web hosting control panel

1 Plesk
2 Control Web Panel (CWP)
3 ISPConfig
4 Virtualmin
5 ispmanager
6 Vesta Control Panel
7 DirectAdmin
8 Ajenti
9 Sentora
10 BlueOnyx
11 cPanel
12 Froxlor
13 Easy Hosting Control Panel
14 Webmin
15 ApisCP
16 aaPanel
17 Zesle Control Panel
18 CyberPanel

How to merge a branch to main branch in Github.

In Terminal or Command Prompt:  git checkout main  [switch to main branch] git pull origin main  [grab latest updates from main branch] git ...